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Commercial Matters

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Commercial Lease

We deal with all aspects of landlord and tenant law, acting for clients in the public and private sectors nationally.

Our team has the experience to provide practical advice in relation to all aspects of commercial leases.

The work we handle includes:

  • granting and negotiating leases;

  • advice regarding assignments, sub-letting, under-lettings and alterations;

  • rent deposit deeds;

  • advice on rent reviews;

  • advice on service charges;

  • lease renewals; and

  • lease variations.


Should any dispute occur within the landlord and tenant relationship then we are able to inform you of your options and, if necessary, take the appropriate action to protect your best interests.

We can help you with decisions on issues such as:

  • The length of term. How long do you want the commercial lease to last?

  • Repair. What state of repair and condition does the property have to be kept in?

  • Rent reviews. How is the rent to be reviewed and how often?

  • Break clauses. Will the landlord or tenant be able to bring the lease to an end before the term ends?

  • Assignment and Sub-letting. Will the tenant be allowed to sell or sub-let the property if needed?

Ideally, whenever agreeing terms of any lease, prior to drafting the lease, heads of terms should be drawn up and agreed. This will encourage transparency and if applied will lead to transactions being completed more quickly and with fewer conflicts both at the outset and during the course of the lease.

To find out how we can help you and your business please contact us on 03333055135



At Victorimax, we offer expert litigation and can arrange for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. Civil cases often go through the procedure of alternative dispute resolution to try and reach settlement at an early stage of the case to prevent costly court action.


Alternative dispute resolution is beneficial to both parties and also prevents unnecessary court cases, some of which can continue for years and can cost all the parties involved a great deal of expense and stress.


Regardless of the matter under dispute, it is crucial to seek advice at an early stage of a dispute.

Commercial Debt Litigation

To survive in business, the collection of monies owed is essential. Of course in an ideal world every client would be a prompt payer, but in reality this is simply not the case, even when the service or products your business provided were of the highest class. Recovery of your commercial debts can be a major drain on both management time and resources, distracting you from what it is your business does best.

At Victorimax Solicitors, we have a debt litigation team who can assist you in this field of work.  

Our commercial debt litigation team advises clients in contested cases and offers guidance on progressing an action as well as the costs involved in taking a case to trial. Wherever possible we will use mediation and negotiation to resolve the case; however, if required, we will fight to protect your best interests in court.

If you’re looking for a specialist commercial debt litigation firm, call our office on 03333055135 today.

Private Contract Disputes


As many of you will doubtless be aware, breach of contract is all too common in both private and commercial situations. For a contract to be binding it does not necessarily have to be written. In some contract disputes agreements have not been made in writing and are merely implied or verbal agreements. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is beneficial to both parties to have a contract in writing. This lays out exactly what is expected of all involved.

When you are facing private contract disputes, you need representation from a team with the experience and expertise to understand what positive action is needed to bring the dispute to a beneficial resolution. Over the years our specialist team have built up extensive experience representing private individuals facing a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Disputes over property ownership

  • Collection of private debts

  • Inheritance and probate disputes

  • Building disputes

  • Management and progression of insurance claims

  • Landlord and Tenant Act proceedings for residential clients

We can even assist you in drafting various contracts and agreements such as :

  • Business Sale & Purchase

  • Employment Contracts

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • Directors Agreement

  • Directors Loan Agreement

  • Non Compete Agreements

  • Non Disclosure Agreement

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Contractors Agreement

  • Joint Venture Agreement

  • Partnership Agreements

  • And more………….


To inquire about our commercial services:

Call our office today on 03333055135

 Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

Business Retainer Services

We offer business services on a retainer basis at a fixed low monthly fees and flexible contract*.  We also offer bespoke business agreement and contract drafting at an affordable fee starting at £ 200 plus 20% VAT

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