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Victorimax Solicitors

A trading style of Victorimax Limited

Victorimax Solicitors was founded as an Alternate Business Structure (ABS) 

regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) by

Zulfikar Lakdawala

Founder and Managing Director

Our Mission

Serving to the best interest of our clients whilst maintaining our first duty to the court is the reason for our existence as an organisation. Our mission is to make first class legal service available to the entire cross section of international society. Our aim is to serve to an Asylum Seeker just as well we serve to a High Net Worth international business house. Our sole purpose is to ensure that our Client gets the justice they deserve through proper judicial system. Our team exhibit a steadfast willingness to explore the alternatives to help resolve commercial disagreements, overcome visa denials, resolve employment disputes, solve family issues and then we are able to work with other parties and authorities to find and follow the best path. It is through the use of these skills that we are able to deliver value for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. We strive to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness. We always research innovative legal solutions for our clients. We focus our attention on the legal aspects of our client’s matter so that our clients can focus their attention on the success of their business and life. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, legal innovation, first class service, excellence and teamwork.


Our Core Team Members

Zulfikar Lakdawala BW Victorimax.JPG

Zulfikar Lakdawala

Founder & Managing Partner

Zulfikar is the captain of the ship with his expertise in the field of immigration and commercial contracts. An accredited senior caseworker (IAAS Level 2) & supervising caseworker (Level 2 Supervisor) accredited by the law society, Zulfikar provides solutions for the legal challenges. He has a deep passion for law and he absolutely love fighting for the vulnerable.


Zulfikar's recent commentary on ‘Sikh’ refugees from Afghanistan was adapted by the Home Office in one of their 2019 country guidance report on “Afghanistan”.


Over the past decade he has assisted several individuals and businesses with their legal issues, especially relating to immigration and asylum matters.

He specialises in dealing with High Net Worth individuals and corporates with their legal issues. He is highly referred to within the business community. His attention to details and ability to perform in tight deadlines while being on time is highly appreciated by his clients.


He has been involved in successfully resolving several complex matters involving families, licenses, businesses and difficult personal circumstances of clients from around the world. His client base spans across the globe from UK to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago etc. In his free time, Zulfikar helps in his local community and acts as head of legal sub-committee. He also likes to spend time with family, watch movies and listen to country music.


Nash Ramji


Nash (Naushad) is a solicitor admitted on the Roll in 1991 with a wealth of experience in many different disciplines.


Born in Soroti, Uganda. Nash arrived in the UK in the early seventies and completed his law degree in the UK from Wolverhampton Polytechnic in the Eighties. He is a qualified solicitor since 1991. Currently he serves as a director and Head of Compliance at Victorimax Solicitors.

With decades of experience, Nash is an expert in drafting wills, lasting power of attorney as well as probate, employment, criminal as well as family law matters.

He also consults charities in becoming a  Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO's)

Nash was appointed as a district magistrate in 2005 and has sat on many cases in the magistrates court dealing with adult criminal cases. He is a Justice of Peace and also serves as a legal sub committee member at his local community centre. 


A multi talented, multi skilled and an expert lawyer, Nash wears two hats. One of being an expert solicitor and other of being a published author of his fast selling novel “The Price of Honour” available on Amazon.


Rachana Lakdawala

Director-Human Rights Specialist

Rachana is the backbone of Victorimax Solicitors, Rachana has been the driving force behind the firm’s success since its inception.


Rachana specialises in British Immigration law. She is a Senior Case worker and a Law Society Accredited Senior Supervisor. She heads the Asylum department at Victorimax. Having an eye for detail, Rachana is revered for her meticulous system of working.


Rachana is very through with her international knowledge and country reports for various countries. She has to her credit several complex cases which she has successfully overturned for her clients. 

Rachana is very passionate about fighting for the victims of domestic violence, modern day slavery and trafficked victims.

Personally, a karate black belt, an avid reader, an advanced yoga practitioner and busy mother, Rachana likes to cook for her family and enjoys exploring travel destinations with them.


Karan Chheda


Detailed, meticulous, organised and regimented are few of many qualities that Karan is admired for at Victorimax Solicitors.


Karan is valuable asset in Team Victorimax . He has been instrumental in ensuring is smooth operations and success.

With a first class masters degree from the University of Leicester and a strong international business management experience gathered around the world, Karan speaks 6 languages and has lived in eight countries.


Karan works closely with Zulfikar Lakdawala as an manager.


Karan is also training in Immigration and Asylum casework and assists the directors with  their caseloads. He has worked with the supervisors in several complex matters. He has also shadowed senior supervisors in overturning some challenging visa refusals.


Karan loves life. He is a passionate motorcyclist and has ridden on some steepest and highest peaks and terrains of the world. He has keen passion for landscape photography and loves travelling, listening to music and playing his guitar.


Shaz Lakdawala


A Law graduate. She has a natural affinity towards law. She has been exposed to law from her very childhood and has assisted her parents on several cases as a paralegal and a trainee.


Shaz  is a brilliant trainee lawyer and has keen interest in Asylum and refugee law. She loves spending time doing legal research and learning about various countries from whose citizens seek protection and refuge in the UK.


At a very young age, Shaz  has gained experience in dealing with asylum application, appeals, further submissions, travel documents and family union applications.


In her free time, Shaz  loves listening to music, socialising with her friends and watching movies.

Jagdish Suvarna

International Consultant

Jagdish Suvarna is an international brand and marketing consultant for Victorimax Solicitors. He is responsible for the firms online branding and international marketing.


Jagdish serves as a director/consultant on many international companies in India. He has travelled extensively to the South East Asia and has very strong international network of consultants who work with him on projects.


Jagdish is very tech savvy and has built several infotech projects for the health, travel, insurance, legal and construction sectors.

A fitness buff, Jagdish is a seasoned traveller and has travelled across the world in relation to business consulting projects.

About US

Victorimax Solicitors which is a trading style of Victorimax Limited is a leading law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Victorimax Solicitors is a member of the Immigration Law Practioners Association (ILPA) and Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). As a dynamic-niche practice, we aim to achieve 100% success for our clients. We cover a range of specialist areas including immigration, asylum, family law, personal injury, commercial law, contracts and agreements, power of attorneys, wills and probate as well as employment law.


We offer legal advice and services both privately funded and through legal aid (for asylum & domestic violence).


We provide expert legal advice on all various legal issues. We specialise in UK Immigration matters including simple entry clearance applications to complex appeals at the tribunals.


We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver an excellent and consistent level of service and expertise, individually tailored to meet all of your needs.


We are committed to maintaining a high level of client care on each and every case. Our well trained and professional lawyers and legal advisers are equipped to exceed your expectation of services. With our unique premium services clients can expect a 24 hour turn around on select legal matters.


Whilst being proud of our high success rates and repeat instructions from our clients, our clients can be sure to receive a polite, courteous and personal service each time, every time.

Our team is extremely proud of winning several awards viz:







We recommend that you speak to one of our expert team members today to experience our world class service and maximise your chance for victory with VICTORIMAX.



OUR Awards

Triple Awards for Victorimax Solicitors

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