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Our team of specialists deal with all aspects of immigration law for individuals and companies and are experts in both, private and business cases. Whatever your situation, either making an application within UK, sponsoring someone from abroad to come and live, visit, study or work, whether you have been refused, claimed asylum or want to employ people from outside the EU. We can assist with preparation and submission of applications to the Home Office, initial applications as well as extension applications. At Victorimax, we go the extra mile to ensure that all relevant Home Office Policy documents and prevailing case laws are thoroughly considered prior to the submission of your application. You can be confident that we will prepare and submit your application in a timely manner to ensure you have least disruption to other issues such as employment whilst your application is being considered by the Home Office. We will keep you fully updated at each stage of the application process.


It may be worth noting that we have a very high success rate on Entry Clearance applications, in particular, Spouse Visa applications.


We aim to ease your journey through this very difficult process and unite family members as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will highlight any potential problems with your application before submission to ensure you have the greatest chance of success and eliminate any potential grounds for refusal. 


We will prepare your application ready for submission as efficiently as possible once your instructions are received without jeopardising the quality the application.


We have a strong working knowledge of grounds of refusals usually raised by Entry Clearance Officer’s and will maximize the chance of a successful outcome for you by identifying problematic areas early on in the assessment process.

We offer Immigration Services for:

Personal Immigration












Business Immigration









Ancestry & Nationality

Following settlement in the UK, our experts can advise and assist you in obtaining full British Citizenship also known as naturalisation as well as Registration, assistance for Overseas Territories Citizens, Dual Nationality, British Protected persons and/or British Subjects.


We can advise you on all aspects of Nationality to include residence requirements, good character issues and documents required to support the applications.


We are experts in dealing with complex applications.


Call us on 03333055135 to book an appointment where you can discuss the details of your case, options available to you and how our legal team can assist.

Visa Refusals

If your application is refused, your options may be to either appeal that decision or make another application with further supporting evidence.


The Immigration Act 2014 has had a significant impact on the right of appeal if your application has been refused. Your appeal rights may therefore be limited, and it is advised that applicants seek specialist UK immigration advice from a qualified UK immigration solicitor.


Depending on the type of application that you have submitted, you will normally have one of the following options to challenge this decision:


Administrative Reviews


You can request that the decision be reconsidered known as an ‘administrative review’. There is normally a deadline of 14 days to submit a review from the date you received the refusal. There is a fee to be paid and it’s important to explain with full reasons why you believe the decision is wrong.


Usually, you would not be permitted to submit any new information with an administrative review which was not part of your original submission.


(First Tier & Upper Tribunal)


The decision to refuse your application may provide you with a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. You will initially need to submit your notice of appeal with full grounds and specified fee.


After submission of your appeal you will be notified by the Tribunal of your hearing date. It is vital that your matter is properly prepared, with witness statements and relevant supporting documents that you wish to rely upon in Court. You may be expected to provide oral evidence in court and will be cross examined on the day by a representative of the Home Office.


If your application before the First Tier Tribunal is refused it may be possible to appeal against this decision to the Upper Tribunal but only on the basis that there has been an error of law.


The rules in relation to appeals can be complex and it’s vital to ensure that you obtain professional advice urgently if you receive a refusal in order to protect your appeal rights.


Out of Country Right of Appeal/No Rights to Appeal


If your application is refused without a right of appeal or one that can only be exercised once you have left the UK, it may be possible to challenge this by way of judicial review.


Our team will assist and advise on every decision to refuse an application that is made by the Home Office or decisions to refuse entry made by British overseas missions.


Our qualified team will assist with all appeal matters, from entry clearance refusals, extension refusals and administrative review.


Judicial Reviews


If the UK Border Agency or other government departments have actied outside of its powers in an unfair or disproportionate way, our team can prepare an Initial Pre-Action Protocol on your behalf and if necessary, commence a full judicial review proceeding.


There are strict deadlines with Judicial Review applications – you only have three months from the date of the decision within which to lodge a Judicial Review with the court.




The Secretary of State often makes decisions to try and deport people from the UK if they have committed serious criminal offences and they therefore believe it would be in the public interest to deport those individuals from the UK. If you are issued with a Notice of Intended Deportation, your family can also be made to leave the UK. 

If you are facing deportation, our team can assist you whether you are in an immigration removal centre or detained in one of Her Majesty’s Prison.


If the Secretary of State has made the decision that you or a member of your family should be deported, you will be given a right to appeal against the decision to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber. If you are in detention, you will only have 5 days to lodge an appeal, so it is important to take immediate action. 


With your authority we can take instructions from friends or family and can assist you in making the initial representations following your liability to deport straight through to a full deportation appeal.


Call us on 03333055135 to book an appointment where you can discuss the details of your case, options available to you and how our legal team can assist.

 Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

Request a Price Quote

We offer Fixed Fees for majority of Immigration cases. On Fixed fee matters, fees are agreed in advance and fixed for the agreed scope of services. This is the most popular method for funding Immigration  Instructions. Our fees are very competitive and offer great value for money.


Fees for Fixed Fee matter start from as low as £ 175 plus 20% VAT.

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